Lisa Dent Gallery

Lisa Dent Gallery was committed to providing a forum for emerging, international artists who transcended the limitations of both medium and nationality. The gallery collaborated with artists that were well educated in the demands of their particular media, and motivated by a deep, personal interest in their subject matter. While our artists displayed a type of early career energy, they also demonstrated a long-term and informed commitment to art making. Their training and experiences showed through in theoretically rigorous, often conceptually motivated, work. Above all the gallery sought excellence, both in vision and in execution and was honored to develop the careers of those artists involved in our programming.

Art in America, January 2006
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Flash Art, Summer 2005
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Hank Willis Thomas 

Makoto Aida 

Shane Aslan Selzer


Columbus Museum of Art: 

Complaints Choir Columbus – Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen 

Complaints Choir Columbus Video (Coming) 

Stephanie Syjuco: Pattern Migration 

Latifah Etch

Exhibition catalog designed by Project Projects





Valuing Artists’ Work: How and When Should Artists Get Paid?

10 Tips for Performance Artists Working With Museums

The In-Between – Artists Build New Frameworks for Institutions

Interview: Nick Szuberla Organizes for Criminal Justice Reform


Columbus College of Art & Design
The Radiant Future – Donald Moffett,
Equal Distribution


Art in American – Q & A with Jane Alexander

Art in America – Community Pictures: Q & A with Dawoud Bey

Art in America – In the Studio: Q & A with Ann Hamilton

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Art/Work – Revised & Updated: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career by Heather Darcy Bhadari and Jonathan Melber

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Complaints Choir Columbus

Columbus Museum of Art

SAG-AFTRA Foundation

Creative Activism: “Take Your Broken Heart, Make it Into Art”

Common Field convening 2015

Art Works? panel –

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